Better support:

Careful analysis of customer support often indicates that 80% of problems come from 20% of clients or relate to 20% of features. In order to reduce support costs, many companies have gone to call center support.
Often demand exceeds supply resulting in long wait times and frustration for the customers.

Web based search engines are also ineffective for inexperienced users. Better support can often be provided by carefully crafted decision support modules, which begin with basic function descriptions and proceed through troubleshooting steps, which the user can complete to remedy their situation or to provide additional information to technical support when using a call center.

Custom web based support can also be developed for applications that have been modified to meet specific client needs. Development of a template, with customer modifications, can be a very cost effective method to provide excellent support for an important customer or client.


A company has identified he most frequent customer problem, which constitutes 80% of time spent by first level support.

Key Assumptions

  • Problem call averages 15 minutes. Approximately 1000 calls received each month for 12 months. , Average call center staff can handle 25 calls per day
  • Assumes support staff salary of $30K.
  • Assumes CBT/WBT development at 40 hours per problem @ $150/hr.

    Financial Summary

    Alternative A - Classroom Training

    Employee Wages, 375 days $ 40,000
    Facilities Cost (20% Overhead) $ 8,000
    Total Cost $48,000

    Alternative B - CBT/WBT Training

    40 hours (WBT/CBT) $ 6,000
    Total Cost $6,000

    Summary of savings of WBT/CBT in comparison with traditional support: $42,000

    Capital Requirement

    Example A assumes 20% overhead costs.
    Example B has a capital requirement to allow access to a web interface for deployment of web pages.
    If not already available internally, access can be obtained for as little as $100 per month.