Expert Services:

Training International also offers expert assistance in creating and managing

  • Content management applications
  • Web design and web applications
  • Wireless technologies
  • Database applications

    Our development team has over 2 years of experience.

    Examples of applications we have developed:

    Internet Content Management:

    Created several browser-based applications to allow journalists to update the browser info easily and cost effectively for lotto, pharmacy, flight , movie venues, events, and sports cups and tournaments.
    Different databases were designed for specific content, and common data is used to related databases and
    cross information.

    Real Estate Portal Manager:

  • Analyze and design database model to capture important data for the management of properties, condos, and new constructions
  • Develop browser-based application, to maintain property management data including :locations, neighborhoods, streets, and provinces.
  • Built a browser-based application to allow real estate companies to share their listings within the portal.

    Movie and Venue Publishing - 4777|cine:

  • Create publishing system for movie database, shows and venues.
  • Developed Perl-scripts and generated HTML files to built the web site.
  • Create user preference database and manage with cookies.
  • Developed scripts that allow data sync with Avantgo server, according to user preferences on location, types of movies, or movie theaters.
  • Generate AOL Forms merging form templates and database information.
  • Develop feed for Yahoo! Argentina in XML format to display news from 4777cine database ;in accordance with Yahoo! Argentina DTD specifications.

    Web Applications:

    TV Listings:

  • Develop TV Listings browser-based application to allow data input and configuration for TV fixes, scheduled programs, and one-time show programs.
  • Generate TV listings is automatically implement a search engine to allow users to find shows by day,
    time,and type.


  • Developed a browser application allows user to create, configure and manage their agenda. It provides users with the following features: SMS alarms, mail invitations, access to Terra's Event's database.

    Network Traffic Statistics:

  • Wrote SNMP queries to Cisco's routers, to connect to housing servers
  • Create scripts to take traffic samples (incoming and outgoing) from each port. and graph data obtained from sampling to identify customers who exceed their traffic contract.

    Wireless Technologies:

  • Developed a complete Wap portal, taking data form heterogeneous databases WML
  • Developed libraries to manage the differences and incompatibilities between the browsers of different competing cell phone companies , especially those between Nokia and -
  • Implemented push messaging services including portfolios, personal messages, alarms, sports results, new movies, astrology, and weather
  • Gathered Perl-Scripts from the MySQL database information. Generated periodic WML deck to build the
    WAP site.

    SMS - Two Way - Terra - Unifón:

  • Developed application to receive users requests thru SMS, process them, and return the information asked for to the users cell phone. User information included weather, astrology, Finance, Movies, and Sports.

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